Things to Know Before You Cruise

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS – Proper documentation is your responsibility. The following information gives current requirements for United States citizens, effective at time of printing (February, 2013): Passengers of all ages returning to the U.S. by air from any international destination require a valid passport. A state-issued birth certificate with government issued photo I.D., or a passport “card”, is NOT acceptable. If your name on your passport (or for non-U.S. citizens, valid travel documents) does not match your name on your travel vouchers/tickets, you will not be allowed to travel.  We recommend that all passports be valid at least 6 months after the date of your departure.  For example, if you depart on June 1, 2022, your passport cannot expire prior to Dec. 1, 2022.  For details on how to obtain or renew a passport, contact your local courthouse or post office. For information on obtaining expedited passports visit  If you are not a U.S. citizen, contact the embassy of the country to which you are traveling to determine required entry documents.

All passengers 18 and over traveling out of and returning to a US Port or to any U.S. territory (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) require only a valid government issued photo I.D. and a certified copy of your driver’s license. We regret that we cannot accept unaccompanied minors under 18 for any travel. Cruise line’s have different age requirements, so be sure to check with your Travel Agent if you are planning to travel and are under the age of 21.  Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in you not being allowed to travel.

COVID-19 CRUISE RESTRICTIONS – Cruise line requirements for cruising are changing constantly, so it’s very important that you verify with your specific cruise line as to whether or not vaccines, boosters or testing are required before you embark on your sailing.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Travel Gal or the cruise line.

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE – Airlines have different baggage allowances and fees. Please check with your airline for specifics. Carry-on luggage is limited to one bag per person and must be small enough to fit beneath the seat in front of you; some airlines have a carry-on bag fee. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT EXCESS/OVERSIZED BAGGAGE MAY BE DENIED AT CHECK-IN and if accepted, there will be additional charges. Anyone attempting to check-in excess baggage should arrive at the ticket counter a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure, or risk being denied boarding. Lap children under age two do not receive a separate baggage allowance.  The Travel Gals accepts no liability for loss or damage to luggage, although maximum care will be taken to ensure safe handling. All lost or damaged luggage must be reported to an airport representative at the destination before leaving the airport terminal. For details on baggage insurance, see your travel agent.


SPECIAL REQUESTS – The Travel Gals will provide the services and facilities of your vacation package as described in your quote and confirmed on your invoice. If you would prefer special arrangements other than those described, such as adjoining rooms, specific assistance needed or special meals, we will be glad to pass on your special request to the appropriate vendor on your behalf. However, since these requests lie outside our contracts with our suppliers, The Travel Gals cannot guarantee special requests unless otherwise stated.


CREDIT CARDS AND TRAVELERS CHECKS – Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted in most destinations. Most local banks and hotels provide a currency exchange.


VALUABLES AND PERSONAL ITEMS – VALUABLES AND OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Most cruise lines offer safes in the cabins. You may want to deposit cash, traveler’s checks, passports, jewelry and other valuables for security. Do not pack cash, medication, jewelry, cameras, film, important documents or fragile items in your checked luggage.


DINING DRESS CODE – Although casual dress is the standard by day, many cruise lines have formal nights that require a dress code for dinner. For other nights in the dining room, “casual yet elegant” dress is suggested for women. Men may be required to wear long pants (excluding jeans), proper footwear and shirts with collars. Gourmet restaurants may require men to wear a jacket. Before you pack, be sure to check with your travel agent or visit your cruise line’s website for detailed dress code information for your cruise.


HEALTH AND SAFETY TIPS FOR TRAVELERS – As you are about to embark on a foreign vacation, there are certain things of which you need to be aware. The Travel Gals strongly recommends that you visit the portion of United States Department of States’ website, which deals with foreign travel. Specifically, you should read tips on foreign travel and travel warnings for the country or countries you plan to visit. Although foreign travel is exciting and rewarding, you must keep in mind that you are not traveling in the United States and extra caution is required to make your trip happy and successful. Just a few of the issues you need to be aware of are: medical standards and training of emergency responders and resort medical facilities vary greatly. If you have medical issues or concerns about medical services, we urge you to contact the particular cruise line, as health care aboard may not be the same as you might expect at home. Sports and aquatic equipment, especially scuba gear, may not meet U.S. safety standards and many pools and beaches may lack lifeguards.